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3D Printer & Supplies

3D Printer & Supplies
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0.4mm 3D Printer Extruder Nozzle For 1.75mm Filament

Specifications:Material: Brass Quantity: 1 pc Length: 12mm Screw thread: M6 Caliber: 0.4mmFeatur..


1.75/3.0mm Olsson Block + 4xNozzle + Screw Kit For 3D Printer

Specifications:Color: Gold Material: Brass Size:          Filament size use: 1.75/3.0mm (please ch..


1.75mm 0.5kg Black/White Plastic PLA Material For 3D Printer Filament

Features: 1. High purity, no plug. 2. High precision, tolerance control within 0.02mm, printing ..


1.75mm 1kg/2.2lb PLA 3D Printer Filament For Mendel Printrbot Reprap Prusa

Features:-Pure PLA, no impurities, bright color, high toughness. -Consumables in the use of the ma..


1.75mm 3D Printing Pen Nozzle For 3rd Generation 3D Printing Pen

Feature:Size: About 14.5cm (including the feeding tube) Nozzle: 1.75mm Suitable for SL-300 3rd Gen..


1.75mm M6 35MM Nozzle Throat For 3D Printer Extruder RepRap

Feature:Outer thread: M6 Total length: 35mm Outer diameter: 6mm Suitable for 1.75mm filament Appli..


1.75mm Volcano Nozzle 12V Heat Cartridge Heater Block Thermistor Sensor Hot End Kits For 3D Printer

Specifications:- Volcano Nozzle Size: 0.6mm/0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm - Nozzle Filament Dia: 1.75mm - Heat..


1.75mm/3.0mm Fialment 0.4mm Nozzle Upgraded Dual Head Extruder Kit for 3D Printer

Two size for your choice: #1 = 1.75mm 0.4mm Dual Head Extruder #3 = 3.0mm 0.4mm Dual Head Extruder..


1.75mm/3mm Brass Pneumatic Connector Quick Joint For 3D Printer J-head Remote Extruder

Features:The surface is smooth and the brass color is bright. Easy to install and convenient to us..


10 Pcs 3D Printer Thermistor NTC 100k / 100ohm Match MK2a 1% Sensor

Specifications:Resistance: 100Kohm + / -1% B value: 3950 + / -1% Accuracy: + / -1% Glass packaging..


10M 2GT Timing Belt 20 Teeth GT2 Aluminium Pulley For 3D Printer CNC RepRap

10M 2GT Timing Belt 20 Teeth GT2 Aluminium Pulley For 3D Printer CNC RepRapGT2 Pulley:Teeth: 20 ..


10M 2GT-6mm Rubber Opening Belt S2M GT2 Belt For 3D Printer

Features:Type: 2GT-6mm GT2 Pitch: 2mm Belt Height: 1.38mm Tooth Height: 0.75mm Material: Rubber Qu..


10PCS 2GT Timing Belt Aluminum Fixed Piece Stator For Synchronous 3D Printer

Features:Best suitable for the synchronous belt of 2GT modelSpecifications:1. Size: 9x40mm 2. ..


10PCS 3D Printer Nozzle Cleaning Tool Drill Bit 0.4mm Size For Extruder RepRap

Specifications:Applicable models: 3D printer nozzle 0.4mm Material: Stainless steelPackage inclu..


10Pcs Geekcreit® 3D Printer Stepstick DRV8825 Stepper Driver Reprap 4 Layer PCB

Descriptions: The module has an interface pinout is almost the same with A4988 stepper motor driv..